magicmondayI love Mondays.  They are Magic!  I know that I am not in the norm with that one.  But my house is quiet on Mondays.  Everyone goes back to school or work and I am home, alone, in the quiet.

I work from home so having a house full of people is loud and chaotic and doesn’t afford me the time to get much done.  I have 3 kids, 4 if you count my husband, 3 cats and a dog.  Plus the numerous other people that come and go from my home.  I have a teenager, so friends and the boyfriend are always in and out.

Mondays mean routine returns.  I can think straight.  Working from home is both a blessing and a curse.  I am flexible and can work from anywhere.  Working from anywhere means sometimes I am working poolside at a hotel or beachside on an island or even from the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.  Working from home affords me the luxury of being able to travel to so many places.

But today its like the calm before the storm.  I am home, alone, in the quiet, drinking uninterrupted coffee.  I know that in just a few short days, my husband will be jumping on a plane and leaving me home with 3 kids.  A few days after that I take the kids and jump on a plane.  Ideally, and in a perfect world, we meet up and reunite our family in Florida for a long weekend.  But something always goes…..well just goes different!

I have one week to pack, prepare for a 5K, catch up on work, and check into the Polynesian in Florida for the runDisney Darkside race.  So plenty of time!  And that is the Magic of Mondays and coffee!

Where to Next?

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