Packing, Suitcases and Laundry OH MY


I will start this off with I am not one of those organized travelers.  I am a fly by the seat of my pants, throw it in a bag, and if I don’t have it I will buy it kind of girl.  However I am trying really hard to get my shit together.

One of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my job is that I travel. A LOT!  I haven’t sat down and figured out how many weeks I will be gone this year but 2018 will probably be my most traveled year to date.

You would think that with for all the time I spend on the go that I would have this packing thing down.  But thats a big negative ghost rider.


First there is the laundry.  I have a husband and 3 children.  5 of us make a lot of laundry.  I am pretty sure we have enough clothing in our house to supply a small village somewhere for at least a year.  Not to mention every size imaginable cause well, weights fluctuate and children grow and clothing accumulates.

I have these grandiose ideas of having my shit together and being organized and getting the laundry done and packing everything in neat sections of the suitcases and yet that never happens.  EVER.  I see and hear all these other people talk about how they pack for their families and everything is organized and some even put entire outfits together ahead of time in ziplock bags?  Are you freaking kidding me?  I am lucky of the clothing IN the suitcase is clean.

I am getting these pods or cube things.  I am going to at least attempt it.  I leave in less than a week.  I can totally do this.


While we are on the subject of suitcases trying to get it under 50 pounds?  Can people do that without sweating it out?  On many occasions I have been reorganizing my luggage at the counter.  There has GOT to be an easier way!   Cause that just seems like a cruel joke to me at this point.  I have seen those scales.  But seriously, you have to hold the scale and then put the suitcase on it?  I can barely lift it.


One day I will get it together.  I will calmly stroll into the airport instead of coming in hot, praying the lines at security are short and that my kids can keep up.  I am far too busy living life than to separate my kids clothing into ziplocks.  I would much rather spend the time doing other things.  I guess its all about priorities.  Until then I will dream of being organized and having it all together.  But in reality, I work from home, own my own business and am a hot mess.  But one thing going for me is I love my life.  All of it.  Even the crazy unorganized parts.  I truly embrace the madness and hot mess that I am.

Now where did I leave that laundry detergent?


The Delightful Traveler






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